Opening Day Is May 13, 2023

Hydrangea flowers season has come.

We would like you to visit and see the beautiful flowers.

The peak of flowering, from the last part of May to the mid of June.

But there are many kinds of flowers there, they are in bloom though the end of June.

Opening hours / 9:00~18:30
    Opening period / May 13th~late June 

   Entrance fee  / Adults : \ 500 /Children :\ 200
      (elementary, junior high and senior high school students) 
     Discount for a group of 20 or more / Adults :\ 400   Children :\ 150

     Additional charge for a wedding
     and a model photo also a divide shoot / ¥2,000
   (We have some requests: It's very crowded on Sat.and Sun. We recommend a weekday visit. Also please consider other visitors when you take the photos)

<Outline of the garden>
 Uto Yohena opened Yohena hydrangea garden in 2001.
She had worked on her purple flowers at Ajisai-en for almost four decades.
There was actually a tangerine field.
But she loved flowers so she planted the hydrangea flower along the paths between the tangerine trees.
  Eventually, the flowers took over from the tangerine trees as the garden grew.
There are now more than 10,000 hydrangeas with a large varieties of flowers.

Sadly she passed away at the age of 100 on April 11,2018.
She loved flowers and enjoyed glowing the hydrangeas from her 60th to 90th was strong and cheerful.
Her personality and the flowers still fascinate many visitors today.
This area is revitalized thanks to open her hydrangea garden.
Now her children have taken over the garden.

 <Hydrangea Garden Yohena is a member of the nationwide Hydrangea Flower Association, and won sixth best from the West District Japan Hydrangea Garden Contest>

 .<How to reach the garden>

-Towards Nago on Hwy 58 or take Expressway towards Nago

-When you reach the central Nago city,turn left onto Hwy 84

-You will see the Pineapple Park on your right, and “御菓子御殿“gift store on your left.

-Continue until you see a ENEOS Gas station on your right. Turn to left at the traffic light. The road is smaller than the main one you come in on, the garden is on the left about 200M away. You will see the sign “よへなあじさい園“ or “Yohena Hydrangea Garden .”Turn left into the parking lot
-Parking lot is free.

             Please have a nice stay in the garden !

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