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      INFORMATION 2020

We will open on May 30th!

Governor Tamaki lifted the self-restraint request on May 21th, so we will open our garden on May 30th.

But covid19 is not over yet. When you visit our garden, please wear a mask and also keep a social distance to prevent covid19 infection in the garden.
However, if you have symptoms such as fever or cough, you can not enter.

Fortunatly, this year's Hydrangeas bloom later than usual. We think you can see lovely flowers at the opening on May 30th.

We look forward to your visit.
Let's beat this covid19!!

    Opening hours / 9:00~18:30
    Opening period / May 30th~late June 

   Entrance fee  / Adults : \ 400 /Children :\ 200
      (elementary, junior high and senior high school students) 
     Discount for a group of 20 or more / Adults :\ 350   :                                            Children :\ 150

     Additional charge for a wedding
     and a model photo also a divide shoot / ¥2,000
   (We have some requests: It's very crowded on Sat.and Sun. We recommend a weekday visit. Also please consider other visitors when you take photos)

 The season of the hydrangea is coming soon this year too. The hydrangea is considered a symbol of the rainy season in Japan. But in the hot region such as Okinawa,the growth of hydrangea is dependent on the weather very much.We hope the weather suit with the flowers this year too.Now,the flowers are growing steadily and beginning to come out little by little.In our forecast,the peak of the hydrangeas full bloom are from May 20th to the beginning of June.The flowers are looking foreword to seeing you.

 We will share the flowering information with photos on the top page each time.

<Outline of the garden>
 Uto Yohena who was the owner of this garden. 100-year-old lady sadly passed away last year. She found scene of purpose in life in her garden. Her life was wonderful.
who had been toiling at raising the hydrangeas for more than four decades. Her garden was actually a tangerine field until 39 years ago.
She loved flowers so she planted the hydrangea flower along the paths between the tangerine trees.  Eventually, the flowers began dominating the tangerine trees and the garden grew. Then she opened the garden in 2001. She took care of the flowers with her family all around year for visitors.There are now more than 10,000 hydrangeas and many colors bloom, like pink white and blue in the garden.  Many foreign people visit and enjoy here recently. Almost visitors say the flowers make them happy. We are so happy to hear that. Thank you for visit to our garden.

 <Hydrangea Garden Yohena is a member of the nationwide Hydrangea Flower Association, and won sixth best from the West District Japan Hydrangea Garden Contest>

 .<How to reach the garden>

-Towards Nago on Hwy 58 or take Expressway towards Nago

-When you reach the central Nago city,turn left onto Hwy 84

-You will see the Pineapple Park on your right, and “御菓子御殿“gift store on your left.

-Continue until you see a ENEOS Gas station on your right. Turn to left at the traffic light. The road is smaller than the main one you come in on, the garden is on the left about 200M away. You will see the sign “よへなあじさい園“ or Hydrangea Garden Yohena.

Turn left into the parking lot
-Parking lot is free.

             Please have a nice stay in the garden !

 Please click here, then you can look at information of the Yohena Hydranger Garden by a language of English chinese and Korea. Japanese English Chinese(繁体字 簡体字) Korea
 Bellow is the pictures of 2015

 Taken on May 25-27th ,2015

  Dr. Lika'a Al-Kzayer came to the gerden
 Dr. Lika'a Al-Kzayer came to Ajisai-en with her mother in May 26th in an interval of the busy work.
She did the lectur about Iraq children this month at Okinawa University and Prefectural Nothern part Hospital.(It's in the Okinawa Times 24-May) She was intellectual and very wonderful and wrote comment in "The garden Notebook"of the Ajisai-en. "I like flowers and Ajisai-en and like Okinawa where people are very kind and friendly.
I'm proud that I'v been here"..
We hope that peace visits Iraq as soon as possible.

 Taken on May 21th ,2015

 Taken on May 16th ,2015

 Taken on May 11th ,2015


The report of the hydrangea garden appeared in Japan Update.

--About the owner--

 She won the OKINWA TIMES prize for her local contribution last October.

She is enthusiastic more than ever and works hard to care for the Hydrangea..

**The photograph was taken on October16th, 2010**


Guidance Map


Hydrangea Garden Yohena

Hwy 84

Hwy 84
High school
Pineapple Park

Okinawa tourist
Nago city hall
ホテル (川向い)

Route 58